Bespoke Series

Premier Series

All our premier chairs use the world best Nappa Leather while prioritizing comfort and design. The diamond quilting adds a dimension of luxury. Motorized headrests are standard with all our premier seating.

Limited Editions

These home theater seat models are available for a limited time only. Set your home theater apart from these exclusive Limited Edition offerings!

Big and Tall Series

The Valencia Big & Tall Series allows you to enjoy your movie nights extra comfortably thanks to the extra space. Expertly crafted with the same ergonomic excellence as our standard size home theater recliners, but with a little extra wiggle room.

Single Recliner Series

Cinema Series

Enjoy a moment of true relaxation and forget about the rest of the world with our Cinema Series. A mix of classic styles and clean lines, this series of elegant black leather theater seating is available in many styles to suit anyone’s taste.

Curved Series

There’s something special about curved home theater seating. A row of 6 theater seats becomes a more interacting group experience. An entertainment room couch becomes optimized for viewing angles. Our series of curved home theater seats saves space and brings everyone together.

Riser Series

Our Riser Series makes DIY stadium seating an easy addition to your home theater with built-in riser platforms, so you can make sure everyone in the room has a great view of the screen.