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Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage

Valencia Theater Seating USA
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  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
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Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
  • Power lumbar, headrest and recline.
  • Backlit Walnut wood grain arm finish.
  • Executive Trim Exclusive: Prestigious Lighted Armrest Storage.
  • S-Class diamond contrast stitching.
  • Composite Foam Matrix (CFM) technology used across the entire chair for maximum plush feel.
  • Heated seating cushion.
  • Offers therapeutic massage technology targets major back zones for targeted relief.
  • LED ambient base lighting and backlit cup holder.
  • Handheld recline, lumbar, and massage control.
  • Specially crafted leather designed to resist even the most determined pet scratches.

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Tuscany Executive Heat & Massage
Valencia Theater Seating USA
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Therapeutic Rapturous Massage

Enjoy the ultimate cinematic escape as soothing vibrations and targeted massage zones transport you to a world of tranquility. We’re bringing new meaning to supremely cozy entertainment room seating that you can relax in—sink into your seat, and let the massage modes do the rest.

Dynamic Handheld Remote

Sit back, relax, and change massage and ergonomic mode efficiently with the handheld control remote, ensuring your experience is comfortable and convenient from start to finish.

Power Headrest

The Tuscany Massage comes with powered headrests. You can adjust the headrest and keep your head in the most comfortable position, allowing you to view your favorite movie even while lying down.

Air Lumbar Support

Air lumbar support adjusts the cushions to fit the shape of your spine, creating the most comfortable, ergonomic experience.

S-Class diamond stitching

Our S Class diamond stitching embodies a regal allure, with meticulously aligned stitches creating a seamless tapestry of elegance.

LED Ambient Base Lighting

LED ambient base lighting creates a truly luxurious cinema environment in your home theater. These ambient lights can be turned on and off as you see fit.

LED Backlit Cup Holders

LED Cup Holders allow you to easily find where your drink is, even in the darkest environment. They can be toggled on and off using the center circle control button to ensure you have an immersive movie experience.

Hidden Arm Storage

Each Tuscany executive comes with hidden arm Storage. Hide away your remotes and tablets and have them accessible to you always.

Prestigious Lighted Armrest Storage

Incorporating a subtle touch lights to the storage, the Exclusive Executive Home Theater Seating effortlessly harmonizes functionality with sophistication. Now, movie aficionados can easily reach for their snacks or remotes amidst the gentle illumination, enhancing their viewing experience with a touch of refined comfort.

Backlit Walnut arm finish

Introducing the LED Backlit Walnut Wood Grain Arm Finish for theater seats, Whether you're hosting a movie marathon or enjoying a quiet night in, this luxurious arm finish adds a touch of opulence to your home theater setup.

Composite Foam Matrix Technology

Introducing our groundbreaking new technology, CFM represents a revolutionary leap forward in comfort technology. Unlike memory foam, which conforms to your body shape by relying on heat and pressure, CFM utilizes a proprietary blend of composite materials meticulously engineered for optimal support, durability, and breathability.

Italian Nappa Leather

All of the seating and armrest surfaces are made with premium top grain Nappa leather 11000. The leather is soft to the touch, extremely smooth, supple, and durable.

Heated Seating Cushion

Lounge contentedly with a heated seating pad. Heat is known to promote blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and reduce joint stiffness. This feature ensures you can watch movies all night long with incredible comfort.

Pet-Friendly Leather

Designed with your beloved pets in mind, our sofa features specially treated leather that's virtually scratch-proof. Thanks to our exclusive tanning process, you can relax in comfort without worrying about your furry friends' playful antics.

Wall Hugging Design

The wall-hugging recliner mechanism allows you to fully recline while keeping the seats close to the wall. This design saves the unnecessary space behind the seat to maximize the usage of your home theater.

Power Headrest

Power Headrest allows you to adjust to the most comfortable position for your neck.

Rapturous Massage

Rapturous Massage targets four areas of the back down the spine and has three massage mode to help you unwind after a long day.

Lumbar Support

Ergonomically sculpted with a Lumbar Support that allows you to control the firmness of the cushion to support your back.

Heated Seating Cushion

Heated seating cushion optimizes muscle relaxation and circulation, making sure you can sit through any movie comfortably.

Armrest Storage

Hidden arm storage allows for concealment of remotes and tablets.

LED Cup Holders

Built-in super-sleek LED cup holders with ambient soft glow.

Top Grain 11000 Nappa Leather

Premium top grain Nappa Leather 11000 on seating and armrest surfaces. Soft to the touch, extremely smooth, supple, and durable.

Power Recline & LED Ambient Light

The quiet and smooth motor allows for silent reclining experience and wall-hugging design will keep close to the wall to ensure the minimum space. LED ambient base light creates a home theater environment that let you enjoy your movie night.






Depth - Extended

No-Arm 43½" 24"



Single 43½" 37½"



Row of Two 43½" 68¼" 40"

Row of Three 43½" 99" 40"

Row of Four 43½" 129¾" 40" 69½"
Row of Five 43½" 160½" 40"
Loveseat 43½" 61½" 40"
Loveseat Left 43½" 92¼" 40"
Loveseat Right 43½" 92¼" 40"
Loveseat Center 43½" 123" 40"

This is the minimum door width required for the chairs.

| ⎯⎯⎯ 26" ⎯⎯⎯⎯ |


Premier Series
Sofa Orientation Symmetrical
Frame Material Wood and Steel
Frame Material Family Plywood
Upholstery Leather
Upholstery Material Family Italian Genuine Leather
Cushion Material Foam
Additional Information
Contact Information for Parts, Product Questions & Assembly Help sales@valenciatheaterseating.com
Assembly Required Tool-Free
Warranty Labour 3 Year(s) Pro-rated
Warranty Parts 3 Year(s) Pro-rated

Tray Table

Whether it’s chips and dip or beef wellington, the Valencia tray table helps hold all of your necessities on a sturdy even surface.

Tablet Holder

Always keep your tablet at your fingertips with the Valencia tablet holder.

Wine Glass Caddy

Like fine wine and good cheese, Valencia theater seating and wine glass caddy is an extraordinary pairing. From a slender champagne flute to majestic Bordeaux glass, it’s always within easy reach.


Accompanied with cup holder and armrest storage, this easy-to-install feature flawlessly slides into the seam of your set. Black color only.

3 in 1 Accessory kit

Kick back with a charcuterie board, glass of wine, and have the convenience of our tablet holder.